The safety and well-being of our students is always our top priority and we work hard to maintain a safe and secure environment for living and studying on both campuses.

Safety and 安全 officers are available for student escort after hours at MCCN campuses and through each clinical site hospital’s Safety and 安全 offices.

To reach MCCN Safety and 安全, call:

Columbus (Franklinton): 614-896-1489

Lancaster: 740-687-8124 (Fairfield Medical Center Police)

In the event of an emergency, dial 911


Members of the College community at both the MCCN main and FMC campuses are encouraged to assume responsibility for their own personal safety, 以及个人物品的安全, 通过以下简单的方法, 常识性预防措施.

  • Although both campuses are well lighted, do not walk alone after dark.
  • Keep purses/billfolds and other valuables with you or stored in a campus locker.
  • Do not record your address on your key ring.
  • Do not provide personal identifying information over the phone.
  • 如果住在主校区:
  • Lock your door and alarm the security system when you leave the mcn校园的公寓.
  • Take your key with you when you leave the apartment.
  • 不要把你的钥匙借给别人.
  • 不撑开门.
  • Report any potential fire hazards or broken equipment to the MCF Safety & 安全.


The College maintains multiple systems for alerting the College community about campus emergencies and will use some or all of those systems, 视情况而定. The College provides emergency notification services to the College community via cell phone text messages and email. These notices may also be posted to the College website and social media. MCCN Rave Alert System is available to all students, faculty, and staff. All faculty, staff, and student emails and phone numbers are automatically registered in the system. Participants may opt-out of receiving alerts by contacting the Director of Compliance and Safety.

Emergency messaging will primarily be used only for those situations that pose an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or 员工 on campus or for the closing of an entire campus or cancellation of classes.

Annual Campus Safety and Fire Report

The Clery Act is a federal law that promotes campus safety by ensuring that students, 员工, parents and the community are well-informed about public safety and crime prevention matters at colleges and universities.

每年10月1日, colleges and universities must submit a summary of required information which includes the past three calendar years of campus crime statistics in specified crime categories, fire safety data and certain safety policy statements.

The institution must make this report available to the campus community including current and prospective students and families, 教职员工.

View MCCN’s most recent Clery Report